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Monday, 30 November 2009

Andy Amadeo

Original by Simon Faithfull

Rip-off by Andy Amadeo

"We weren't saying that the innovation was sending the
balloon up. No one had done it in HD before and not as
an advert before. We didn't use a music sound track or 
any celebrity voices. That's the innovation. The fact that 
we created it as an advert".

That's what Andy said when confronted with the fact that
his ad is the antithesis of innovation on account of it 
being a re-enactment of something that had been done 
5 years previously, rather than the embodiment of 
innovation as was his intention. 

The shit-burgers at Grey are adamant that Simon 
Faithful was 'part of the team' on the Toshiba ad. Strange,
then, that he's not mentioned in any single piece of their
publicity or supporting material. 

Here, for your amusement, is Andy Amadeo - the 
blathering cunt-eyed shitwhistle responsible for stealing 
Simon's idea - pretending to have had an idea of his own:  

Surely a far more interesting project would have been to 
tether Andy to a balloon that would take him into the upper
stratosphere and see what effects the change in 
atmospheric pressure would have upon his brain?

Perhaps, just before he exploded his brain would become
sufficiently deformed from it's usual shape to produce an
original idea?

Or perhaps not.

Truly, here is a cunt so massive that it's clitoris has it's
own moon.

Monday, 9 November 2009

Cat Campbell & Jo Wallace

Thanks Matt & Dave for this impeccably researched guest contribution:



Original by Brad Bird

Rip-off by Cat Campbell & Jo Wallace (‘creatives’ and directors) at Quiet Storm


Cat:  “Hey Jo, I’ve just had a really good creative idea for the Richmonds ad!”

 Jo:  “Ooh, what?”

 Cat:  “Have you seen Ratatouille?”

 Jo:  “Yeah, who hasn’t?!”

 Cat:  “Well you know the scene where Anton Ego has a childhood flashback?”

 Jo:  “Yeah?”

 Cat:  “That!”

 Jo:  “Wow! Genius!”

This pair of utter cunts have not only ripped off the idea of this brilliant scene from Pixar, they’ve even copied the execution. They obviously weren’t even creative enough to come up with a different way of filming it, so just used the exact same camera effect for the flashback. They might as well have just stolen Pixar’s footage and superimposed Richmond sausages over the ratatouille.

On the website of Rushes - the post-production company - the VFX artist says:

“This was all about the counter zoom... the Directors, Cat and Jo, wanted more control of the distance we travel in the zoom.”

Of course, the concept wouldn’t have worked if it wasn’t exactly like it is in the movie.

These idiots deserve to have their eyes forked out so they can never again sodomize the world of film.

‘The taste that takes you back’? 

Yeah, to the last time you watched Ratatouille.

Monday, 19 October 2009

Fold 7 & Timeslice Films





Original by Denis Darzacq

Rip-off by Fold 7

Spank my face!

Fold 7 have opened new frontiers of plagiarism with this outrage . This really is beyond parody. Here's how these self-lubricating fuck sticks describe their ransacking of Mr. Darzacq's oeuvre:

"In November 2008 Cat Footwear approached Fold7 to develop their first global communications campaign. Fold7 created a concept entitled ‘Earthmovers’, which became the new sentiment and brand direction for Cat.

‘Earthmovers’ is more than a campaign. It represents a change in direction for the Cat Footwear brand. With a fresh and diverse product range from new designers, Cat Footwear aims to engage and attract a new and larger consumer audience. ‘Earthmovers’ supports and visually defines this movement, designed to turn consumers’ and retailer’s heads alike and to challenge their perception of the brand."

'Earthmovers' certainly is "more than a campaign". It's a fucking disgrace.

I have it on extremely good authority that the makers of these ads approached Mr Darzacq and asked him if he'd like to adapt his own work for commercial purposes. 

He declined. 

And the rest is entirely predictable advertising cuntery.

But the cunt deepens - check this out:

Behold the vast, canyon-like, sun-swallowing vaginas that are Fold 7 and Timeslice.  

Good luck Mr Darzacq. 

I look forward to the reading about the legal dispute in Creative Review. 

Tuesday, 25 August 2009

Henry Challender & Rob Archer with Nick Jones (director)

Original by Noel Fielding & Julian Barratt 
with Paul King (director)

Rip-off by Henry Challender & Rob Archer 
with Nick Jones (director)

Jesus fucking Christ.

Tuesday, 18 August 2009

Mother & Garth Jennings

What the fuck were they thinking?

Anyone's who's ever seen Flight of the Conchords will
immediately clock this as a blatant rip-off - right down to 
the glasses-and-sideburns styling of the Jemaine-a-like
and the Kiwi-accented sign off. 

And 'anyone who's ever seen Flight of the Conchords' is 
exactly who this ad is aimed at.

We can only assume they were hoping to get caught. 
Like serial killers who deliberately leave incriminating
evidence with their victim's corpse. Except instead of 
a hair or a glove, these cunts have left a trail of tepid 
shit leading from the crime scene straight to the Tea 
Building where the trail climbs the wall and spells the  
words 'we are thieving cunts' in fifteen foot high daubs 
of anus-paste.


Thanks to 'the worried well' for this titbit:

"The guy with glasses and sideburns is Kiwi stand-up
Jarred Christmas, he was a recurring character on the
FOTC show on Radio 4 and a friend of the guys from 
their New Zealand and Oz circuit days."

Not a friend any more, I'm guessing.

Monday, 3 August 2009

Gary Turner & Jamie Marshall and Mark Denton

Original by Lejo

Rip off by Gary Turner & Jamie Marshall (creatives) and 
Mark Denton (director)

You pile of unfathomable cunts. Try doing this with your
fingers - pick up a pen, then place the tip on a blank 
piece of paper, then have an original idea, then write it
down. In the likely event that you fail to have an original
idea, simply reverse the pen in your grip and lower your 
eyeball onto the tip. Then continue to lower your eyeball 
until you are blind. Then continue until your are dead.



Jacqui Paterson & Jessica Harold and Dael Oates

Original by Oren Lavie, Yuval and Merav Nathan

Rip-off by Jacqui Paterson & Jessica Harold (creatives) 
and Dael Oates (director)

I'd been meaning to post this one for a while but couldn't 
track down the guilty parties. But then I received a 
message from Ben at who 
delivered not only the team and the director, but 
everyone from the account managers to the animators, 
all served up like a vertiable cheese board of cunts. 

Cheers Ben.   

Agency: The Campaign Palace, Melbourne
Creative Director: Gerhard Myburgh
Creatives: Jacqui Paterson & Jessica Harold
Director: Dael Oates
DOP: Peter Eastgate
Animator Designer: Matt Boug
Animators: Lewis Morley 
Production Company: PRODIGY
TV Production: Fiona Gillies
Exec Producer: Jonathan Samway
Account Management: Jayne Driver, Georgie Brown, Laura Bathurst
Marketing Analyst: Belinda Symes, Brian Carlin, Marianne Kevric

Friday, 24 July 2009

David Bertram & Leo Berne and Matthijs van Heijningen

Original by David Fincher (director), Jim Uhls 
(screenwriter) & Chuck Palahniuk (author)

Rip-off by David Bertram & Leo Berne 
(creative team)and Matthijs van Heijningen 
Isn't it amazing the number of advertising cunts 
whose 'love of film' translates into stealing from
films they love?

Why do they do it? 

Because it's the closest to filmmaking they'll
ever get. The equivalent of a stalker 
snatching knickers from a washing-line to be 
wanked over in the cold night, dead-nerved 
cock lubricated by tears of self-disgust.

Absolute cunts.

Monday, 20 July 2009

Flo & Pet and DSG

Original byTaijin Takeuchi

Rip off by Flo & Pet (directors) and DSG (agency)

Here's Flo & Pet's utterly pathetic attempt to defend their plagiarism of 'A Wolf Loves a Pork':

"While we were looking for a way to realise a story describing 'a journey through time' based on printed images, we were inspired by Mr Takeuchi's brilliant work. For this reason we intentionally quoted his work in our little movie while showing full respect to his original idea. We didn't mention his name because we did not want to do so without his prior agreement. However after considering some of the comments posted here we have decided to add credits to him and his work, which we obviously absolutely love."
You absolutely love it, do you? Do you really? 
Do you absolutely love your dog? Do you piss in it's eyes when it greets you at the door? Do you funnel liquid concrete down it's yap-hole then hurl it out the window and await the squelch of it's impact, idly toying with your jaded orifices while perusing YouTube for more things to steal? 
If you absolutely love something, you don't abuse it. You respect it. You know that. We know that. So please spare us this simpering drivel. 
Gargantuan cunts, one and all. 

Tuesday, 30 June 2009

Neil Raphan & Ken Opalsky

Yet another Blu rip-off, this time by Neil Raphan and Ken Opalsky.

There seems to be some controversy over who 'directed' this travesty.

Apparently it is definitely NOT TokyoPlastic.

So says 'FlyingGiraffe'. While denying Mr Plastic's involvement in this audio visual gang rape, Mr Giraffe also took the time to defend his right to plagiarise it should he wish to:

"Blu was offered the opportunity to direct the film before it was put out to pitch to other directors."

Interesting argument. Now consider this: 

Me and Blu are coming round your gaff later. We're going to stab you in the eyes with an assortment of increasingly thick frozen turds until you are blind. Then we're going to ram the very thickest one down your cock-end until it bursts like a fisted mouse.

OK? You cool with that?

Or you can do it yourself and we'll just watch. 

What's that?

You don't want anyone to ruin your eyeballs and genitals with ice-hard shit-chisels? They belong to you and it's your decision what happens to them?

Well we're going to do it whether you like it or not. 

And that's just tough shit. 

Or frozen shit to be exact. Although it does soften after it's been down your urethra for ten minutes or so.


Wednesday, 24 June 2009

Copycunts Cuntdown


Friday, 19 June 2009

Tony Fiandaca and Paul Cummings - an apology

I accused Tony and Paul of plagiarising from 
PES's Human Skateboard ad for their 
GoGurt ad.

As it turns out, Tony vs. Paul - their stop-motion 
film that includes a short boarding sequence - 
was made was BEFORE PES made his film.

So I was wrong. Sorry Tony and Paul. 

Here, in chronological order of their creation,
is a bunch of stop-motion boarding/
surfing films.

First there was this (the whole film is great but 
forward to 4mins 18 for the relevant sequence..)

Then this.

Then this (Tony and Paul again). 

And finally...

Thursday, 11 June 2009

Enoch Lam & Manuela Barbosa with David Frankham

Original by Michel Gondry. 

Rip-off by Enoch Lam and Manuela Barbosa at CHI, 

directed by David Frankham. 


This is classic advertising cuntery in full-effect. Enoch and

Manuela are the sort of fuck-boxes who think that

knowing who Michel Gondry is makes them 'creative'. 

But of course they are not. No more than poor  David 

is a 'director' because he's able to tell a camera 

operator where to point his camera.


The only consolation I can dredge from this toxic 

swamp of plagiarism is  a daydream in 

which Enoch, Manuela and David float across the 

rooftops of Soho in a bum-smoke powered hot air 

balloon, circle-jerking each other spastic as they 

congratulate themselves on having watched 

YouTube that week. 

Without warning, Michel Gondry swoops out of the

clouds atop a giant owl composed of discarded

coke-wrappers, outstretched crystalline talons 

shredding their balloon as it passes. Our three

hapless shit-burgers tumble to their deaths, 

and the last thing they see as the ground 

rushes up to meet them is a crowd joining hands

to create the outline of Gondry's mind-anus, 

gaping wide after it's merciless plundering.   




Thursday, 21 May 2009

Nick Wray with Hadi

Original by Big Bad Trish.

Rip-off by Nick Wray, directed by Hadi. 

Please welcome Big Trouble In Little Vagina, our very first guest contributor.  

"This ad is like your 110th wank.

It’s lazy. Half arsed. Shameful. Painful. Boring.  And the pitiful dribble of ‘creativity’ that is threaded through this cluster-rape of a spot is laughable – rather like the clear liquid that slopes out of your cock-end during the contemptible finale of your vinegar stroke. The creative team managed to conjure the equivalent of watching the Transformers and, seconds later, “thinking up" the mighty Go-Bots.

Fuck off.

I hope that everyone involved in ripping off OK GO and director Big Bad Trish feels ashamed. Like their Gran had caught them tossing off to Sesame Street with their pet Chihuahua licking their tiny balls.

What a fucking disgrace."

Quite so. 

Guest contributors are always welcome. Get in touch at 

Thursday, 14 May 2009

Juan Cabral with Frank Budgen

Original by Kozyndan.

Rip-off by Juan Cabral and Frank Budgen.

Above is a piece of artwork depicting brightly coloured 
bunnies cavorting in a cityscape. 

Below is an advert depicting brightly coloured bunnies 
cavorting in a cityscape.  

The makers of the ad admit that they'd seen the artwork 
prior to shooting, but deny that it influenced them.

Rather like admitting to having fisted yourself that morning,
but denying that you're responsible for the gag-making 
stench-cloud of semi-digested black pudding that's 
stinking out the place.

Ted Heath & Paul Angus with Michael Moloney

Ted, Angus and Michael love Blu's work so much they've 
given him a great big adland-style high five by stealing his 
style without asking, paying, or acknowledging him 
in any way.

Fuck-trumpets, the lot of them.