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Friday, 9 November 2012

Aidan McClure, Laurent Simon, Shay Reading & Frank Ginger and Ringan Ledwidge

Original by James W Griffiths

Rip-off by Aidan McClure, Laurent Simon, Shay Reading & Frank Ginger and Ringan Ledwidge

"Reach for the hankies - it's the new John Lewis ad!"

The only tears being shed over this travesty are milky ones spurting from the cocks of the light-fingered fuck-sticks who purloined James' film as they wank each other spastic in a circle of self-congratulation. The cunts.

Adam & Eve. Never Knowingly Original.

James Millers & Andrew Long

Andreabike crop

Reginabike crop


tflfamilytime crop

Orignal by Juri Zaech

Rip-off by James Millers & Andrew Long

Yes boys, riding a bike is easy. Good point. And so is Googling 'bike' and then clicking a mouse button until you find something that saves you the effort of having a fucking idea of your own. 'Family time'? Yup, there's certainly plenty of that when someone else is doing your job for you. Cunts.

Lee Trott & Sam Haynes

Big Ideas (don't get any) from James Houston on Vimeo.

Original by James Houston

Rip-off by Lee Trott & Sam Haynes

YouTube is heaving with films similar to James', but as James' was the first let's call the others 'tributes'. But as Grey's 'tribute' made them a stack of cash none of which is going anywhere near James, let's call it a shameless, lazy rip-off'. 

Picture those greasy cunts at Grey flapping their lips in unison as they protest their right to plagiarise. Less a printer orchestra, more a vagina choir.

Friday, 18 May 2012

Neal Colyer & Trevor Robinson & Becky Clarke

Original by Steve Vanderheide

Rip off by Neal Colyer & Trevor Robinson

Original by Will Ferrel & Adam McKay

Rip off by Neal Colyer & Becky Clarke

Neal: Hello Trevor, what's in the bag?

Trevor: Just some Starmix, Neal. Help yourself.

Neal: Cheers Trevor. Oh. This bag seems to be full of others people's ideas mixed in with crumbled up dog shit.

Trevor: That's not dog shit, Neal. Those are the remnants of my creative integrity.

Neal: Oh right.

Trevor: Well, at least my bag's not full of dead snails and broken glass like Becky's.

Becky: That's not a bag. That's my vagina.