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Thursday, 21 May 2009

Nick Wray with Hadi

Original by Big Bad Trish.

Rip-off by Nick Wray, directed by Hadi. 

Please welcome Big Trouble In Little Vagina, our very first guest contributor.  

"This ad is like your 110th wank.

It’s lazy. Half arsed. Shameful. Painful. Boring.  And the pitiful dribble of ‘creativity’ that is threaded through this cluster-rape of a spot is laughable – rather like the clear liquid that slopes out of your cock-end during the contemptible finale of your vinegar stroke. The creative team managed to conjure the equivalent of watching the Transformers and, seconds later, “thinking up" the mighty Go-Bots.

Fuck off.

I hope that everyone involved in ripping off OK GO and director Big Bad Trish feels ashamed. Like their Gran had caught them tossing off to Sesame Street with their pet Chihuahua licking their tiny balls.

What a fucking disgrace."

Quite so. 

Guest contributors are always welcome. Get in touch at 

Thursday, 14 May 2009

Juan Cabral with Frank Budgen

Original by Kozyndan.

Rip-off by Juan Cabral and Frank Budgen.

Above is a piece of artwork depicting brightly coloured 
bunnies cavorting in a cityscape. 

Below is an advert depicting brightly coloured bunnies 
cavorting in a cityscape.  

The makers of the ad admit that they'd seen the artwork 
prior to shooting, but deny that it influenced them.

Rather like admitting to having fisted yourself that morning,
but denying that you're responsible for the gag-making 
stench-cloud of semi-digested black pudding that's 
stinking out the place.

Ted Heath & Paul Angus with Michael Moloney

Ted, Angus and Michael love Blu's work so much they've 
given him a great big adland-style high five by stealing his 
style without asking, paying, or acknowledging him 
in any way.

Fuck-trumpets, the lot of them.

Wednesday, 13 May 2009

Juan Cabral again

Nice one, Juan. Looking forward to a Dairy Milk ad 
involving a load of watermelons rolling down a hill. 


Juan plies his sorry trade at Fallon. Check out their 
website. 'We are Fallon' it boldly proclaims, with 
all the swagger you'd expect from such an 
unbearably conceited cluster of self-greasing pricks. 

'We are Plagiarists', more like.

Get fucked.