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Monday, 19 October 2009

Fold 7 & Timeslice Films





Original by Denis Darzacq

Rip-off by Fold 7

Spank my face!

Fold 7 have opened new frontiers of plagiarism with this outrage . This really is beyond parody. Here's how these self-lubricating fuck sticks describe their ransacking of Mr. Darzacq's oeuvre:

"In November 2008 Cat Footwear approached Fold7 to develop their first global communications campaign. Fold7 created a concept entitled ‘Earthmovers’, which became the new sentiment and brand direction for Cat.

‘Earthmovers’ is more than a campaign. It represents a change in direction for the Cat Footwear brand. With a fresh and diverse product range from new designers, Cat Footwear aims to engage and attract a new and larger consumer audience. ‘Earthmovers’ supports and visually defines this movement, designed to turn consumers’ and retailer’s heads alike and to challenge their perception of the brand."

'Earthmovers' certainly is "more than a campaign". It's a fucking disgrace.

I have it on extremely good authority that the makers of these ads approached Mr Darzacq and asked him if he'd like to adapt his own work for commercial purposes. 

He declined. 

And the rest is entirely predictable advertising cuntery.

But the cunt deepens - check this out:

Behold the vast, canyon-like, sun-swallowing vaginas that are Fold 7 and Timeslice.  

Good luck Mr Darzacq. 

I look forward to the reading about the legal dispute in Creative Review.