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Friday, 15 April 2011

Paul Silburn & Louisa Almgren and Chris Palmer

Original by Jill Peterson & Kevin Heinz

Rip off by Paul Silburn & Louisa Almgren and Chris Palmer

Check out the making of video below where you can listen to Paul fucking Silburn and Louisa wanking Almgren witter on about yet another YouTube trawl masquerading as an idea as if anyone gives a sun-dried shit, though personally I'd rather listen to the cunt farts of a dying cow through a fucking ear trumpet made of AIDS, the arseholes:

According to Paul (he's the one in the granddad's gardening jumper that looks like he turned it inside out just before the shoot to hide the zig-zagging slug-trail superhighway of spunk stains ammassed during late-night YouTube research sessions), "It's based on the phenomenon of wedding entrance dances..."

Is it? Is it fucking really? Or is everything about it, from the idea to the choreography, stolen wholesale from one specific wedding entrance video which - by the way dick-splash - has had over 60 million views on YouTube?

Please retire, preferably from life, A-fucking-SAP. CUNT.