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Monday, 3 August 2009

Gary Turner & Jamie Marshall and Mark Denton

Original by Lejo

Rip off by Gary Turner & Jamie Marshall (creatives) and 
Mark Denton (director)

You pile of unfathomable cunts. Try doing this with your
fingers - pick up a pen, then place the tip on a blank 
piece of paper, then have an original idea, then write it
down. In the likely event that you fail to have an original
idea, simply reverse the pen in your grip and lower your 
eyeball onto the tip. Then continue to lower your eyeball 
until you are blind. Then continue until your are dead.




  1. Posting this here since this Hula Hoops video is obscuring the stuff on the right so I can't see anywhere else to navigate to: do the new Pot Noodle ads next. SHAMELESS - the format, even the performers have been chosen to resemble Flight of the Conchords.

    DO IT

  2. May I suggest this bunch of cunts?:



  3. that honda ad is cool but not really cunty because most people would know it isn't the original 'rube goldberg machine'

  4. Here is another one. Target ad that copied Oren Lavie vid called 'Animated in a bed'


    The fuckers:
    Agency: The Campaign Palace, Melbourne
    Creative Directors: Gerhard Myburgh
    Creative: Jacqui Paterson
    Production Company: PRODIGY
    Creative: Jessica Harold
    Director: Dael Oates
    TV Production: Fiona Gillies
    Exec Producer: Jonathan Samway
    Account Management: Jayne Driver
    DOP: Peter Eastgate
    Account Management: Georgie Brown
    Animator Designer: Matt Boug
    Account Management: Laura Bathurst
    Animators: Lewis Morley Marketing Analyst: Belinda Symes
    Brian Carlin Marketing Analyst: Marianne Kevric

  5. Just shameless isn't it? @Wally - You are 100% right, the new Pot Noodle 'Ads' are arse-bendingly mindless in their transparent plagiarism of Flight of the Conchords. Is it that their lame, rotten, thieving minds and souls have corrupted and putrefied to the point that they simply do not not understand that people will notice that they have stolen someone else's intellectual and creative property, and subsequently call them cunts? Or, maybe they do and just don't care.

  6. I think I have been copied by nascom. can you help?

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