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Thursday, 21 October 2010

Steve Grime & Fabrice Ward and Dan Sumich

Original 1 by Blu

Original 2 by Slinkachu

Rip offs by Steve Grime & Fabrice Ward and Dan Sumich

And here we have a campaign for child protection in which each execution is a rip off of a different animator's signature style. What next? Tiltshift-style footage of an underage prostitute hustling in downtown LA? Or perhaps a Wallace clone weeping into his tea as a young boy's voiceover recalls a Wendsleydale-lubricated arse-raping courtesy of his canine sidekick?

And Dan, you directed this did you? Of course you did - who could fail to recognise the unmistakable Dan Sumich touch? OK, here's what you do: watch this -

Now, rip it off. You'd be about the eighth cunt to do it which seems to be your modus fucking operandi. But instead of stop motion footage showing you curled up on a bed with an array of nick-nacks drifting past you in a whimsical evocation of a dream, film yourself spasming in agony as an endless barrage of objects tears you to fucking shreds.

Come on Dan, really; what is the point of you? Ever think about that? Who needs Dan Sumich? Advertising doesn't need you - it's heaving with plagiarists as it is, and most of them are younger and better informed than you. You're not even the first fucker to pinch Blu's style. Art doesn't need you - you've proven that you're totally bereft of creativity. And humanity doesn't need you - by all accounts you're an intolerable, self-adoring cunt-mouth who openly brags about stealing other peoples ideas.

You're as much use to the world as a mixed bag of labial surgery off-cuts. Fuck you.