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Monday, 9 November 2009

Cat Campbell & Jo Wallace

Thanks Matt & Dave for this impeccably researched guest contribution:



Original by Brad Bird

Rip-off by Cat Campbell & Jo Wallace (‘creatives’ and directors) at Quiet Storm


Cat:  “Hey Jo, I’ve just had a really good creative idea for the Richmonds ad!”

 Jo:  “Ooh, what?”

 Cat:  “Have you seen Ratatouille?”

 Jo:  “Yeah, who hasn’t?!”

 Cat:  “Well you know the scene where Anton Ego has a childhood flashback?”

 Jo:  “Yeah?”

 Cat:  “That!”

 Jo:  “Wow! Genius!”

This pair of utter cunts have not only ripped off the idea of this brilliant scene from Pixar, they’ve even copied the execution. They obviously weren’t even creative enough to come up with a different way of filming it, so just used the exact same camera effect for the flashback. They might as well have just stolen Pixar’s footage and superimposed Richmond sausages over the ratatouille.

On the website of Rushes - the post-production company - the VFX artist says:

“This was all about the counter zoom... the Directors, Cat and Jo, wanted more control of the distance we travel in the zoom.”

Of course, the concept wouldn’t have worked if it wasn’t exactly like it is in the movie.

These idiots deserve to have their eyes forked out so they can never again sodomize the world of film.

‘The taste that takes you back’? 

Yeah, to the last time you watched Ratatouille.


  1. Great blog, let down by the admission of watching Ratatouille. I won't be back. Unless you lied, in which case, my apologies, and see you again.

  2. Check out a french animation for somthing called a town called panic then check out the cravendale advert both of these are on youtube

    More info on a town called panic is on Wiki

  3. Now. I'm not in advertising. So this is probably all over my tiny layperson's head. But it doesn't sound like these Cat and Jo characters were trying to pull the wool over anyone's eyes. As you mention, most people (much to N's chagrin) have seen Ratatouille, and so would recognise this scene. So. Like. It strikes me that this might be the point. To reference something from popular culture, thus striking a chord within the consumer.

    That said, I just love the way you scripted in Cat and Jo's conversation for comedic value. Ever seen that done before? Original.

  4. Yes! I noticed the similarity as soon as I saw the ad on telly a few days ago.

  5. Seeing as that scene in Ratatouille was based on the Madeleine Episode in Marcel Proust's Recherche du Temps Perdu, it's understandable as a go-to source.