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Friday, 24 July 2009

David Bertram & Leo Berne and Matthijs van Heijningen

Original by David Fincher (director), Jim Uhls 
(screenwriter) & Chuck Palahniuk (author)

Rip-off by David Bertram & Leo Berne 
(creative team)and Matthijs van Heijningen 
Isn't it amazing the number of advertising cunts 
whose 'love of film' translates into stealing from
films they love?

Why do they do it? 

Because it's the closest to filmmaking they'll
ever get. The equivalent of a stalker 
snatching knickers from a washing-line to be 
wanked over in the cold night, dead-nerved 
cock lubricated by tears of self-disgust.

Absolute cunts.


  1. I couldn't agree more. Especially when you see those three utter twats 'dance-walking' down the street at the end. I very nearly vomited. What a bunch of wonderous, magical, talented sorry I mean absolute fucking cuntish piss-taking cunts.

  2. Kinda...

    Have you seen Liar Liar? Jim Carry's character Fletcher Reede 'beats himself' up in an office toilet.

    I realize the bosses office setting is the common link plus it's done to for gain - as in Fight Club.

    Similar but not a copy.

    Also there is such a thing as homage. Is everyone who ueses the Blue Danube Waltz copying Kubrick's 2001, or is it a public show of respect?

  3. Agree with most of your posts put this advert is a brilliant piece of post-modernism that subverts the meaning of the original art into a form of consumerist BS that the original was making a post-modernist statement against. Despicable, but not because it's copying, because it is a brilliant piece of advertising.