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Monday, 20 July 2009

Flo & Pet and DSG

Original byTaijin Takeuchi

Rip off by Flo & Pet (directors) and DSG (agency)

Here's Flo & Pet's utterly pathetic attempt to defend their plagiarism of 'A Wolf Loves a Pork':

"While we were looking for a way to realise a story describing 'a journey through time' based on printed images, we were inspired by Mr Takeuchi's brilliant work. For this reason we intentionally quoted his work in our little movie while showing full respect to his original idea. We didn't mention his name because we did not want to do so without his prior agreement. However after considering some of the comments posted here we have decided to add credits to him and his work, which we obviously absolutely love."
You absolutely love it, do you? Do you really? 
Do you absolutely love your dog? Do you piss in it's eyes when it greets you at the door? Do you funnel liquid concrete down it's yap-hole then hurl it out the window and await the squelch of it's impact, idly toying with your jaded orifices while perusing YouTube for more things to steal? 
If you absolutely love something, you don't abuse it. You respect it. You know that. We know that. So please spare us this simpering drivel. 
Gargantuan cunts, one and all. 


  1. Love the blog dude, but you need a section where people can submit their own.

    How about this campaign by Target...

    being a copy cunt of...

  2. hey Zac-

    Glad you're enjoying the blog.

    Thanks for submitting the Target ad - I;ll post it up soon.


  3. ugh, the music on the rip off is the most sick making thing I've heard for a while. Great blog, congrats on getting in the b3ta newsletter.

  4. Hello cunts,

    If you didn't like that you're going to hate the new Freelander advert.

  5. @ copycunts 2009 - do you have anyway of contacting you?

  6. @Speshal I was gona comment about that, just saw it the other day.. I was gob smacked that some one else has ripped it off, unbelievable!!! some one will probably make an After Effects plugin for it soon.