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Tuesday, 8 June 2010

Lewis Mooney & Ed Cole with Brian Billow

Original by Airloaf

Rip-off by Lewis Mooney & Ed Cole, directed by 
Brian Billow.

Exactly what sort of cunts are Lewis and Ed?

If at one end of the scale there's the immaculately folded,
origami cricket made of parma ham kind of cunts, then 
they're right at the other end; disemboweled rat 
splayed on a dissecting table infested with blow-fly
egg-sacs kind of cunts.

Nauseating abominations of atrocities that barely 
qualify as vaginas at all kind of cunts.

Because not only are they your standard-issue
thieving adland wank baskets, they're also totally 
oblivious to what's good about the object of their 

What's so brilliant about Baptazia is (of course) the
ecstatically amazing dancing and the sublime 
finesse with which the footage is cut to the soundtrack.

Only a pair as clueless, crass and basic as Lewis 
and Ed could think that the humour lay in the mere 
juxtaposition of a church service with drum and bass.

And only a pair as arrogant as them would imagine
that they'd get away with it; some Baptazia clips have 
over a million views on YouTube.

Lewis. Ed. You are mega-cunts, meta-cunts, cunts so
wide a squirrel could windsurf across you, so deep you 
go back in time and fuck yourselves with turds from the 

Cunts cunts cunts cunts cunts cunts cunts cunts.