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Friday, 18 May 2012

Neal Colyer & Trevor Robinson & Becky Clarke

Original by Steve Vanderheide

Rip off by Neal Colyer & Trevor Robinson

Original by Will Ferrel & Adam McKay

Rip off by Neal Colyer & Becky Clarke

Neal: Hello Trevor, what's in the bag?

Trevor: Just some Starmix, Neal. Help yourself.

Neal: Cheers Trevor. Oh. This bag seems to be full of others people's ideas mixed in with crumbled up dog shit.

Trevor: That's not dog shit, Neal. Those are the remnants of my creative integrity.

Neal: Oh right.

Trevor: Well, at least my bag's not full of dead snails and broken glass like Becky's.

Becky: That's not a bag. That's my vagina.

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