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Monday, 27 June 2011

Joe Miller, Tristan Cornelius & Graham Fink

Jill Greenberg - 'End Times'

HP kid

Original by Jill Greenberg

Rip off by Joe Miller, Tristan Cornelius & Graham Fink

No I.P. No Happy, more like.



  1. Holy shit, that's pathetic. The lack of any semblance of creativity and originality continues to not surprise me one bit. I know it's wrong, and perhaps immature, but I just want to smack people like Joe Miller, Tristan Cornelius & Graham Fink, in their insecure little noses. Utter, cunts.

  2. It gets worse! I have found more copies of this work all over the internet -

    a copy from 123rf -

    here is a copy by baby wallpapers

    here is a copy by amnesty international -

    here is a cartoon copy by yaymicro-

    here is a copy on favim

    here shutterstock have copied it with a black background in close up -

    another copy with a different background -

    there is another copy on this page -

    here is a copy that happened live on tv -

  3. Oh wow, I bet the artist of the first picture was the first person in history to think of having a boy crying on a blue background. Seriously, why the fuck do you think you have any rights to an idea, that ANYONE could have. Read up on the law before you complain. Oh, and maybe use some logic too.

    Who is the cunt now?

  4. You can't be serious! How is one a copy of the other? The blue background?

    Who in their right mind would call this a rip off?

  5. Yes, the copy just happened to use the same flash/lighting techniques, the same post production technique, the same age boys, both crying, both the same colour background, fuck some people are stupid.

    You would have to be an advertising cunt to not see that this is a straight up copy.

  6. ...except that apart from being 'boy on blue crying' they don't look anything like copies.


    This is as clearly a copy as sucking another mans penis is a homosexual act.

    Blue background, check.
    Mousey brown hair, check.
    Blue eyes, check.
    Crying child concept a la photographers mind, check.

    Give the original artist some credit you dumb arses. Pull your smelly, slimy excrement ridden noses out of Graham Finks clowns pocket of an arse hole...

  8. the agency contacted me through my european agent with my "end times" pictures in their layout, with the HP logo on them. they wanted to know if i had shot crying people for any other clients in Europe and whether any awards had been won since they thought this was a great idea. we attempted to bid the job within their small budget but needed about 10,000 more since they needed me to fly to London from LA. they assured me they were going to do completely different creative and not this concept. cut to THIS. i am looking into it.