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Thursday, 27 October 2011

Paul Silburn

Original by Three Green Dots:

Rip-off by Paul Silburn

It's beyond a doubt now that, to Paul, this has become a matter of principle; he will not base an advert on an idea of his own. He simply will not countenance it for a second. As long as other people's ideas are just a mouse-click away, he'll keep sucking them up through that flapping, jowly gob and squeezing them back out into our faces through that halo of ruptured veins he calls an arsehole.
Isn't that right, Paul? I noticed you used 'Money For Nothing' on your little film there. That's your fucking anthem isn't it Paul you raddled old cunt? I can imagine you whistling that in the morning as you hoist a creaking leg up onto your bathroom sink and chuck a load of talc at your gristly old balls. Gets mighty dry down there doesn't it Paul you papery skinned talent-leeching vampiric fuck? And when you arrive at your desk and start the day's YouTube trawl, do you have that on in the background as you earmark the ideas you're going to steal for your next joyless, cynical, piece of shit ad? Course you do.
How the fuck do you still have a job Paul? How have they not cottoned onto you? Every time you put an ad on YouTube the comments go spastic with people accusing you of plagiarism. When are you going to stop? Is this your way of asking someone to kill you, is that it? Is it a cry for help? Tell you what Paul, I'll be a lot fucking happier than the schlubs in your fucking ad when I hear you've bludgeoned yourself to death with one of your ill-deserved fucking gongs. CUNT.



  1. Picasso copied African art, and made a hell of a lot of money out of it. Was he a cunt? Shakespeare copied the plots of Greek plays. Was he a cunt?

    Oh, one more thing. Even if the sole job of an advertising creative was to rip off other people's ideas (and believe me, there's rather more to it than that) it would still be a heinously challenging job to pick the right idea (one that the client will buy, and that will increase sales) from the THREE BILLION ideas that are out there.

  2. > Picasso copied African art, and made a hell of a lot of money out of it. Was he a cunt?

    No, he wasn't a cunt. He was a rare talent that didn't make money from other living peoples' sweat and toil.

    However you have got yourself a gold-plated lifetime achievement award in the Hollywood pantheon of CUNTS by mentioning it, you misguided sense-dodging prick.

    1. Murray you seem so angry!

      Look, I was taking the debate to be about originality. And you don't dispute my assertion that even great artists copy.

      As to the question of whether ad agencies should pay living people for ideas that they copy, I agree with you.

      By the way, I notice you're an art director at a shop called Critical Mass. Quite a few of the ideas on their website are very obvious rip-offs, so I'm naturally assuming that you personally didn't do those ones...

  3. Murray you dozy fucknut. The prick who writes this shit hates you. Probably cos he wears a suit all day and has to suck creative cocks like yours all day, so comes home and shits out this tired vitriol while sobbing dementedly at what a hypocrite he is. Lets hope he's fucked off having realised no one gives a flying fuck.