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Thursday, 11 June 2009

Enoch Lam & Manuela Barbosa with David Frankham

Original by Michel Gondry. 

Rip-off by Enoch Lam and Manuela Barbosa at CHI, 

directed by David Frankham. 


This is classic advertising cuntery in full-effect. Enoch and

Manuela are the sort of fuck-boxes who think that

knowing who Michel Gondry is makes them 'creative'. 

But of course they are not. No more than poor  David 

is a 'director' because he's able to tell a camera 

operator where to point his camera.


The only consolation I can dredge from this toxic 

swamp of plagiarism is  a daydream in 

which Enoch, Manuela and David float across the 

rooftops of Soho in a bum-smoke powered hot air 

balloon, circle-jerking each other spastic as they 

congratulate themselves on having watched 

YouTube that week. 

Without warning, Michel Gondry swoops out of the

clouds atop a giant owl composed of discarded

coke-wrappers, outstretched crystalline talons 

shredding their balloon as it passes. Our three

hapless shit-burgers tumble to their deaths, 

and the last thing they see as the ground 

rushes up to meet them is a crowd joining hands

to create the outline of Gondry's mind-anus, 

gaping wide after it's merciless plundering.   





  1. Rather well written that one. I hope you're not plagiarizing anyone.

  2. BA did this in the 80s: