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Thursday, 21 May 2009

Nick Wray with Hadi

Original by Big Bad Trish.

Rip-off by Nick Wray, directed by Hadi. 

Please welcome Big Trouble In Little Vagina, our very first guest contributor.  

"This ad is like your 110th wank.

It’s lazy. Half arsed. Shameful. Painful. Boring.  And the pitiful dribble of ‘creativity’ that is threaded through this cluster-rape of a spot is laughable – rather like the clear liquid that slopes out of your cock-end during the contemptible finale of your vinegar stroke. The creative team managed to conjure the equivalent of watching the Transformers and, seconds later, “thinking up" the mighty Go-Bots.

Fuck off.

I hope that everyone involved in ripping off OK GO and director Big Bad Trish feels ashamed. Like their Gran had caught them tossing off to Sesame Street with their pet Chihuahua licking their tiny balls.

What a fucking disgrace."

Quite so. 

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  1. That Berocca ad also has more than a whiff of the big musical number from Stephen Chow's "Shaolin Soccer".

  2. I saw this ad in the cinema... fucking disgusting. Advertising takes everything that could be called original or fun and turns it into souless bollocks.

    This ad did disappear quite quickly, though. Probably because the shameless rip off of the OKGO vid had nothing whatsoever to do with what they were selling.


  3. I wonder if the people who made said Berocca "Knock off" ad ever realised, that the song they used as the backing track, "Living On The Ceiling", is a song about the effects of amphametine/drug misuse...
    But then, given Beyer's delevopment of drugs, in the 1900's, now categorised as Class A, such as Heroin (which was a Beyer Trademark of the time), and MDMA(reportedly synthesised in 1915), the irony of the backing track is hysterical...